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Lado Okhotnikov about Intellectual Synergy

Convergence of Cryptocurrency and Traditional Financial System.

Lado Okhotnikov is confident that Metaverse will soon take its place in the global economy,
“Innovative virtual reality architecture will become the foundation for developing new forms and business models. It’s important to understand that the potential of the Metaverses is still not fully explored. But I will say for sure that this is a key project of the future global network. When AI, renewable energy, and quantum computers come together, it will lead to the emergence of completely new paradigms. These changes will fundamentally change people’s lives.”

Will the capitalization of the Metaverse exceed the entire available cryptocurrency? Is artificial intelligence dangerous? How does the introduction of digital currency in the world begin? Let’s find out with Vladimir Okhotnikov, the master of the crypto world.

Yours sincerely,
Lado Okhotnikov