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Life Is Good and I Have Everything” - Lado Okhotnikov About 2030

No, this is not a science fiction novel but just a short story about what awaits us.

There are practically no buses, everyone uses electronic wallets, in addition to digital currency everyone has crypto at their disposal, artificial intelligence has become a serious competitor and now life takes place in the Metaverse.

Finally, it is possible to verify the authenticity of everything that surrounds us through the blockchain. Low-skilled labor has been replaced 99% by bots.

Many complain that at one time they missed the chance to master a new technology. When the idea of the Metaverse was in its infancy, it was hated and thus removed from view. Now it is difficult to imagine the life of an ordinary person without virtual reality.

By the way, our team has released a beta version of my avatar. You can check it out on our official Meta Force channel.

Now we are getting ready according to our roadmap — plans are being implemented stage by stage and soon you will see more new opportunities for business development and earnings. And this is just the beginning!

Yours sincerely,
Lado Okhotnikov