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Meta Force in China

Innovations and New Opportunities Within the Metaverse — a Unique Event for Crypto Experts.

At the event participants immersed themselves into the fascinating Metaworld of Meta Force! Presentations and entertainment programs expanded the knowledge of the Metaverse principles.

Hundreds of new acquaintances, sharing experience with other members of the Chinese community and a pleasant atmosphere — this is how you can describe the meeting on the sidelines of the Meta Force China-Dalian World Expo 2023 summit.

This event has become a driver for creating strong and friendly ties between experts in the field of blockchain technologies. The guys can now effectively collaborate and develop together.

The event took place at the Xiangzhou Garden Hotel and was amazing in its scope! A luxurious hall for 1000 people was prepared for the participants. But this turned out to be not enough — there were so many people willing to attend that some stayed at the entrance to watch the event while standing.

This is the Force.
This is Meta Force.

Yours sincerely,
Lado Okhotnikov