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Polygon's Meteoric Rise

Meta Force Drives Record Deposits, Eyes POL Transition.

In a resounding endorsement of Polygon's prowess, September 17 marked a watershed moment for the blockchain platform, as it raked in a staggering $32 million in deposits, setting an all-time high. Beyond this remarkable feat, Polygon also emerged as the undisputed leader in attracting funds, amassing an impressive $25.21 million, outstripping all other blockchain networks.

At the forefront of this success story is Meta Force, a project I've passionately nurtured over recent years. Operating seamlessly within the Polygon blockchain ecosystem, Meta Force has played a pivotal role, accounting for the lion's share of the 2.1 million transactions conducted on the Polygon network. Effectively, since its inception last year, our platform has been a driving force behind Polygon's meteoric financial ascent.

But that's just the beginning of the narrative. The tumultuous ride of the Matic token in the previous year, mired by the crypto market's volatility, now stands in stark contrast to the prevailing climate. With the market poised for an anticipated bullish uptrend, developers are gearing up for the eagerly awaited transition to Polygon 2.0, a comprehensive L2 network ecosystem. This transformative journey will be accompanied by the launch of the new POL coin.

The ambitious roadmap includes the issuance of approximately 10 billion new tokens and the implementation of a groundbreaking staking project. The pressing conundrum, however, centers on the seamless transition to these evolving standards.

As of now, network users are presented with three transition options, with discussions set to unfold over the coming months, culminating in a decisive year-end vote to determine the chosen pathway.

Irrespective of the outcome, my unwavering confidence rests in the upward trajectory of Polygon's internal coin value. The Matic-POL amalgamation is poised to transcend its role as a mere hedging tool, emerging as a promising long-term investment avenue.

Yours sincerely,
Lado Okhotnikov