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The Beginning of the Journey

I don't use anything other than the principle of being myself as much as possible. It's the most complete and honest interview.

Here, I have provided answers to the most personal questions. I discussed where and how my journey in the crypto business began, how my vision of business has evolved over time, and how this vision has been implemented in my life. Currently, the primary focus is on the MetaForce Metaverse, which is connected to a vast ecosystem.

I live in this world, so I'm interested in what happens within it. Although my primary focus is on my own endeavors, there are global processes that impact all of us, and the rationality of some of our decisions depends on them.

I consider myself a crypto enthusiast. These enthusiasts include those who believe in the technology and/or ideas, those who have simply found a source of income in it, and those who can see where the trend is heading. These are the pioneers who were the first to arrive at the right place and move in the right direction. This audience will continue to expand without limitations.

I discussed these topics and much more in this interview.

Yours sincerely,
Lado Okhotnikov