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Blockchain will kill the dishonest market: Vladimir Okhotnikov knows which realtors will be left without work

Every day, I find joy in the advancements in blockchain technology. Apart from the obvious features, they also prove useful in business and marketing.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that 44 out of 100 large businesses are already using these innovations.

Blockchain technology plays a critical role in promoting products and retaining customers. Cryptocurrency is now integrated into loyalty programs, and you may not have noticed how tokens make it easier to buy, sell, and store digital currency, as well as transfer to external wallets.

Additionally, using blockchain allows for seamless authentication. How this works is described in detail in this article.

And this is very good news for honest buyers and collectors. They will be able to enjoy genuine products with confidence in their authenticity.

With the introduction of digital tags on the blockchain, it will become unprofitable to cheat. Branded goods protected by NFC will no longer be of interest to unscrupulous sellers. "False realtors" will be especially upset. But should we worry about them?

Yours sincerely,
Lado Okhotnikov